Friday, August 17, 2012


My mom is amazing.
I know I have said this before... but it is really true!

She's my best friend.
My confidant.
My mentor.

I love her.
I miss her.....

My family traveled to Canada this afternoon.... which is AWESOME!
They are picking up Johnny and visiting family.
The only "not so awesome" thing is that you can't call from Canada....
This is pretty tragic!

Today was the first time I haven't talked to Mom.
Well, I did talk to her once.
Oh wait. Twice... but they were short talks!

Mom has put up with a ridiculous amount of phone calls through this last month and (almost) three weeks....

She has talked to me through many tears and many joys.
She has encouraged, strengthened, pointed me to Christ

Mom never EVER acts like my calls are a bother.... the exact opposite.
She calls and texts to tell me she's available!!

Would you believe that Mom learned to text?
(Btw.. they can text from Canada!!!!)

Her first few were a jumble of letters and numbers....
After finding the space button, words began to take shape....
NOW... we can actually communicate!

Its pretty awesome because we have our own social network....
Forget Facebook...
I'll update Mom every twenty minutes!

I walk around the pond here many times a day!
I love this pond... it is my place to talk to my mom!
I LOVE those talks... I treasure them.. I look forward to them more than anything else....

Mom blesses me every single day with her wisdom and love.

I can't imagine where I would be without her!
She is so dear to my heart!

I love you, Mom!

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