Monday, October 31, 2011

Blue Gables Day

Today is a special day!

Twelve years ago... we traveled seventeen hours to get to our home here in Idaho.

You don't need to know where we came from. It isn't important! =)

The trip was precarious... each hill we took, my parent prayed that the U-haul would make it up while smoke bellowed out.

 The day we arrived here... all six of us went running everywhere in awe of every detail. At the time there were seven llamas. Now we only have two.
Anyone want them? =)

Stairs were my greatest delight. They were a novelty; I spent hours running up and sliding down.

Although I can now hardly fit in the little niche (*small room that was meant to be a closet.) that once was my "corner," it holds many of my childhood memories.

Someday I will show my children the places (Only two...) where I carefully scratched my name in the wall (I don't think mom would have been thrilled to know that I did that.). I  had watched, "The Little Princess" a few too many times

I love Blue Gables dearly!
Our scary barn. I still can't go in there at night.

I thought a different view of the barn would be cool. Oh, by the way... that's my brother (Pretty awesome, huh?).

My family many years ago with the "once upon a time" llamas. 


  1. Blue it! Enjoyed the post and pics!:)

  2. Now I understand why "In my own little corner, in my own little world..." meant so much (other than it is a great song/idea)!! I am one of many that have been truly blessed by getting to know you and your family. Who (but God) would have known that bringing you to North Idaho would have touched so many lives! Yeah for Blue Gable Day!! =)